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Acrylic's rise in popularity began in the 1800's.  Artists Archipenko, Calder,  and Nevelson, the pioneers in the medium, experimented with sheets and rods, which led to today's advanced cast acrylic.  

Modern technology allows us to create durable, clear acrylic that won't crack, fade, or yellow. This medium opens up endless creative possibilities for our clients, enabling them to explore new dimensions with their work through refractions, colors, textures, and more, all while maintaining the material's integrity and aesthetic appeal.



In acrylic casting, perfection in mold-making is crucial, as any flaw is directly transferred to the final piece. Our meticulous process ensures flawless molds, leading to pristine acrylic castings. The process involves careful measuring, pouring, and curing in our autoclave, capable of large-scale projects. Final steps include demolding and hand-finishing to exact specifications, with an average turnaround of 4-8 weeks, depending on size.  

Moonscape by Michael Wilkinson

Luke's journey with "A Case For The Beard" is a captivating documentary that highlights the emotional struggle of balancing fatherhood and personal identity.


The project was so unique that we were thrilled when Luke decided to document the process. With raw honesty and humor, Luke takes us on a journey through the birth of his baby and the growth of his beard, all while navigating the challenges of modern fatherhood.


The surprising conclusion will leave you moved and inspired. We are proud to have played a small part in bringing this incredible story to life.

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