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Our Services

Meisner Art Casting is your premier partner for custom casting and manufacturing. Celebrating over 50 years in the industry, we specialize in handcrafted, tailored products for a diverse global clientele. Our extensive experience guarantees professional casting, fabrication, and design services that perfectly align with your unique needs and expectations.

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Model making is the blueprint of fabrication and casting, serving as the critical link between concept and reality. Whether it's a prototype for fabrication or a master mold for casting, the right model sets the stage for a flawless end product.


Explore a range of casting materials tailored to your project's needs. From the quick-curing benefits of Polyurethane to the cost-effective options of plaster and polyester, we guide you in selecting the ideal material for durability and aesthetic appeal.


Revive the beauty of your cherished sculptures with our expert restoration services. From bronze to acrylic or even wood, our artisans bring over 60 years of experience to restore and preserve art for future generations.

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Mold-making is the cornerstone of precise and intricate casting. From one-part to multi-part configurations, the right mold captures every detail and ensures a flawless final product.


Fabrication brings your design vision to life using a blend of expertise and technology. From acrylic to steel and beyond, we offer a variety of materials and a full suite of services to ensure your project is realized with precision and quality.


Enjoy peace of mind with our white-glove installation services. From secure transportation to on-site supervision, we ensure your artwork is handled with the utmost care from our facility to its final destination.


Acrylic casting offers unparalleled durability and optical clarity, opening up endless possibilities for artistic expression. From vibrant colors to intricate textures, our advanced techniques ensure your vision comes to life in a medium that stands the test of time.


Timing is everything in commercial displays and product launches. Trust us to deliver and install your acrylic and polymer displays seamlessly. With a portfolio featuring renowned clients, we specialize in meeting strict deadlines without compromising quality.

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