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Polyurethane is a versatile option for production casting, valued for its quick curing time, which allows for a more efficient production process. Its durability and ability to be customized in color and transparency make it suitable for a variety of projects and an excellent option when turnaround time is a priority.

Urethane can be translucent or opaque and tailored in color to suit your project's specific requirements. Its durability ensures long-term resilience for its intended purpose, promising longevity and sustained quality. Additionally, urethane casts beautifully, resulting in a final product with a sleek, professional look.

For projects not exposed to the elements, we may suggest plaster and polyester. These materials are ideal for cost-effective decorative items and for creating rapid prototypes from waste molds.    

Our team will offer guidance when it comes to selecting the best material for your project. 


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