Over 50 years ago Joel and Renee Meisner founded Joel Meisner & Company, a bronze casting foundry.  Soon thereafter Renee opened The Meisner Gallery to showcase artists who cast with their company.  Their son Mitchell followed in the family footsteps by joining the buisness.  He too had an interest in casting but his vision led him towards what was then a material in its infancy, acrylic casting. Mitchell began to experimenting with acrylic and other plastic polymers.  What he discovered, was an untapped medium with unlimited potentional.  The ability for artists to tell stories with their work by incorporating another dimension, refractions.  The medium was also exciting for decorators, and designers alike.  The focal points for projects could now incorporate a new clear or colored property.  

Today Mitchell along with his wife Hillary proudly continue the family casting tradition.  They work with not only artists but visual merchandisers, decorators, architectural design firms, furniture designers, jewlery designers, window display artists and more.  At Meisner Arts Casting their motto is from concept to creation.  All projects, no matter the size are treated with the same attention to detail and collaborative project planning.  

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